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I have a Vanguard Investment Account
In that account I have stocks, mutual funds and two money market funds; 1) Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund (VMFXX), and 2) Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund Investor Shares (VMFXX). Only one of the MMFs show on my Vanguard statements.
How do I merge these two accounts?

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    I wouldn't think that you'd have both the "regular" and "Investor" shares of the same MMF in the same account.  Typically when you amass enough money in a particular fund to reach investor status ALL your shares convert.  You've indicated that both classes have the same ticker symbol and usually different classes of the same fund have slightly different tickers.  Why do you think you have two different securities in the account if the statement only shows one MMF?
    (Your question is "How do I merge these two accounts" but you mention only one account so are you really referring to the two securities?)
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    Both show in my Vanguard account with the same symbol (VMFXX). Two securities as described in original post with the same symbol. Both have transactions with balances. The rephrase my question, How do I merge these two securities?
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