How do I get my memo field to show me the last memo I entered for that payee?

It shows me the memo I entered years ago.


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    If you haven't already, you may want to review:

    Verify the Automatically memorize new payees preference is checked.
  • NotACPA
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    Please elaborate upon where you're seeing this.  Is it in the Memorized Payee List (CTRL-T)?
    If so, is that transaction "Locked"?
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  • Ps56k2
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    Guessing you mean the Memo field in the Memorized Payees list -

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  • dhready1
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    Sorry, I am using the Online Center payments tab memo field. It previously to deluxe 2019 showed me what I entered in the memo field last time I paid that bill. Now it shows the same memo each time.   And it is from quite some time ago. Is there an option that will always show me what I entered the last time I paid that payee?
  • Ps56k2
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    ok - we'll try again - 
    I do my bill pay via my Reminders, so don't use the Online Center for entering ...

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