Online quotes long update delay

Why are "online" quotes delayed so long? It is much longer than "15" minutes. Some mutual do not update until the next day but are update almost instantly at my Brokers Web site.


  • Jim_Harman
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    Mutual fund NAVs are only published once per day. When you say "updated almost instantly" do you mean shortly after 4:00 PM Eastern time?

    My funds are normally updated by about 7 PM Eastern.

    I believe quote providers charge different amounts based on how up to date the quotes are. Quicken must have purchased one of the lower tiers.

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  • NotACPA
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    My mutual fund quotes (from Fidelity) are typically available about 5pm  CT on Fidelity's website.  It's simply not possible for Q to get them any earlier than Fidelity provides them.
    SO, I just use Scheduled Updates to download the quotes the next morning.  The quote values won't have changed between 5pm and the next morning, so I don't see any value in rushing the situation.

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  • Les Irey
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    The banner at the bottom of the Qw screen says "Quotes delayed at least 15 minutes. My stock quotes at Edward Jones are update almost instantly compared with with NYSE.

    Some Mutual Funds updated i
    n Qw around 8pm, some are not updated till the next day. All are updated by 5pm at EJ's
    It was just a question..Thanks for the feedback.
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