Downloaded Stock Option information from Fidelity accounts inaccurate

This is not a new problem. Example, when an option has expired, it is downloaded as "bought" instead of "covered short". In order to keep the account accurate, I must edit the entry and change from bought to covered short. a simple program modification will correct the problem.


  • Jim_Harman
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    That change would have to be made by Fidelity, because Quicken simply records what Fidelity sends it.

    Unfortunately the only recourse in situations like this would be for you to work with Fidelity tech support to get them to make the change. Perhaps if enough people complain, they will realize it is a serious problem.
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    @Timothy Hogg  Expanding upon Jim's comment, you are downloading from  Fidelity using Direct Connect.  I know this because I'm a Fidelity customer also ... and Direct Connect is the ONLY download method that they support.
    When Direct Connect is used, the Financial Institution (Fidelity) is SOLELY responsible for the contents of the download.  You really wouldn't want Quicken to muck around with what's downloaded.
    To see that Fidelity is indeed sending the Bought, do HELP, Log Files, OFX Log.
    Save the file to your desktop and then open it with NotePad or WordPad (NOT MS Word).  From the bottom of the file, search UP for the Option name/description, and see what the associated action is.
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  • Timothy Hogg
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    This information is very helpful. Thanks Jim and NotACPA
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