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I am a new Quicken Deluxe user (R19.44) and only have about 3 months of my financial data in Quicken so far.

I am trying to setup a net worth report by month using the standard net worth report provided by Quick. I set the date range to <Custom Dates> for the months I know I have data and the interval to <month>.

When the report displays a couple of things happen:

(1) Previous months show "$0.00" in all account types except the investment accounts and those all have the exact same value for each month I ask the report to display when I know the value is different each month. The is true for all the months except for the last month if I set the end custom date to today's date. The today's date net worth data is correct.

(2) The report only shows accurate net worth if I set the end custom date to today. If I set the date to any date outside of today my home value goes back to the original price I purchased it for not the current value of the home or the value of the home at the date specified in the custom date field.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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  • Matche87
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    Thanks everyone for your responses - they have been very helpful!!

    It turns out some of my accounts did not download transactions as far back as I thought and as a result my net worth report was doing funky things.

    I ended up starting with a single backing account and building up from there by adding one account at a time to see where there were gaps. By doing this I was able to identify accounts that didn't have the account balances and transactions as far back as I wanted to look.

    For home value it turns about Quicken defaults to either the original purchase price or the value as reported in your transaction ledger. In my case since I didn't have home values for past months so I was seeing the original purchase price.

    For the home value I do an <update balance> at the start of each month.

    I also took Jim's advice and downloaded historical pricing which helped.

    For my homes there is still something going on when I include my mortgage account. I will figure that one out eventually.

    Thanks again!
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