I cannot not Print ANYTHING

Since 2 revisions ago I've lost the ability to print anything. Message, Quicken cannot find any active printers on the network, what network, I don't have a network, and I have 3 active printers on my system. It tells me to reset printer settings. That does NOTHING. The inability to print is a disaster.
Any ideas??

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  • EPG
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    Following the upgrade to 19.44 – I never totally close quicken and re-opened it. Now having done that, IT’S a miracle, my many month problem is over. Or maybe it’s just that I joined the community and posed the question. Regardless, I’m back in business and thrilled.

  • EPG
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    I never not close it daily, and besides the Quicken Backup my file is saved in my DROPBOX!! I'm covered
  • Jim_Harman
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    If I were you I would not keep the working copy of a Quicken data file in DropBox. The file contention when a cloud storage system tries to make a snapshot of your file while it is open can cause crashes and data corruption. The working copy of your QDF file should be on a local hard drive.

    It is fine and a good idea to have Quicken make backup copies of your data files in a Dropbox folder or another cloud storage system.

    Please see this discussion for more info
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