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Here's something I already tried and it seemed to work ok but I'd like to know the pros and cons: I moved one of my IRA's from Capital One to Fidelity. Rather than transfer each position I simply changed the logon information. It seems to work fine. In this way the history, etc. are all intact and reports and performance calculations work fine.


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    I've certainly done the same thing in the past without any problems.  I'd suggest going to "Accounts Details" and making a note to yourself in the Comments box about what you did and when just in case you need to or want to make some distinction between "old account" and "new account".
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    For a case of 100% immediate transfer, I think that is the most effective and efficient process. No particular cons to, though I will ditto Tom’s suggestion for a reminder. A Reminder transaction is another way to do that. 
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    Ditto both of the above responses.

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    Thanks to all.
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