Zero amounts show for transfers from other accounts in "Investment Transaction Report"

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When running an "Investment Transaction Report" in Q2017 all transactions that are transfers from other account display no amount in the amount column, but are used in the total for the report.
I have an IRA I wanted to audit my contributions (deductible vs non) which have been made via various checking accounts I've had over the past 30 years. I figured the easiest way to review these contributions was to run a investment Tran report for all xin actions to my IRA, only to find its worthless. I get only a grand total with 50 listed transactions with no amounts.
However if i run the screwy "no detail" horizontal "Activity report" that is limited to 100 difficult to read transactions it does show the amounts but no detail "memo and such".
Is this by design and if so what possible reason is there for displaying a total without its listed content?


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    I can't answer that question, if it's "WAD" or "BAD" ... someone from Quicken will have to look into that and get back to you.
    Meanwhile, try the "Print transactions" function from the investment register. Simply press CTRL-P to start the report. It shows the amounts.
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    It presents that way in 2019 Q, too so apparently it's "WAD"; but you can always say it's WAD even if it's a bug, right?
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    The banking transaction report is even more wonky.
    There's no way to filter on "xIn" , the only option is deposits, which gives a report of nearly every transaction (reinv, div, int, etc) in the account. It does however show the xin amounts but when you try to organize the report to subtotal on the xin amounts they start showing zero amounts like they do in the Investment transaction report. There seems to be a problem with how the splits are shown even when there are none. If the "show splits" option is enabled, the xin amounts show zero. However when I tried to subtotal on categories with the "display splits" set off, Quicken automatically sets the "display split" option back on which then kills the xin amount.
    Other wonky BS in Banking transaction report. Why is there no Payee column, but you can sort, and filter? Why can you sort on Description but can't filter based on "Description contains" . Why isn't there a generic filter like in the "find" function "contained in any field"?
    Its like the Quicken crew has been asleep or nonexistent for the past 10 years.
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    "But that should be immaterial to this exercise, since my suggestion was to identify the contributions in the accounts from which they were made, rather than in the IRA account. If those contribution accounts are non-investment accounts, XIn would not be a possible transaction value; and even if the contributions were made from investment accounts, they would not have an Action value of XIn."

    I already knew that. I've got over 140 active and inactive accounts I've maintained over many years. I had already tried doing a transaction report but given the source accounts were a mixture of banking and investment and was proving to difficult to recall the source of every contribution, it seemed it would be much easier to do an investment transaction report on the actual IRA account. Which resulted in me finding that wasn't possible, and nobody knows why. Given the "investment activity" report for some reason is ABLE to provide amounts for the xin transactions why can't the "investment transaction" report do the same?
    And now that you've opened a new can of worms.. Why can the banking transaction report display the xin amount but CAN't when the "display splits" option is active or a filter is active?
    I'm not interested in lame work-around. I can just as easily list it all on paper and add it up.
    I want to know what the Quicken programmers have been doing the last 15 years other than making cosmetic changes.
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    So, I was going to post a question regarding this. I was coming from the Banking > Transactions side (Windows 10 Q19). Same issue after I "Show Splits" where the Investment account side of the transfer shows but with a $0 value.

    How do we report this as a bug? The total TR actually has the same value whether you Show Splits or not. But if you paste the version with splits into Excel, you will see that the lines do not add up to the total shown on the report.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that recent transactions (can't tell if it is within 30 days or unreconciled) do show the amount when split. It's just older transactions that show as $0.
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    What you are calling the "Amount" column in QWin Subscription's Investing Transactions report is actually "Amount Invested".

    If you include the "Cash" and/or "Cash+Invest" columns in the report, you can see the amounts of any Xin and Xout transactions.

    However for some reason in an IRA account, the details of ContribX transactions are blank but the total is shown.
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