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What happened to Payee Names and Investing in the last 48 hours

Beginning this weekend, payee names started translating with a mind of their own. A charge from "State Fair" came into Quicken as "State Farm". A charge from Integrate Mobi 1334 came into Quicken as "Mobil" gas station.

My investments...specifically my 401k show a highly bumped up balance leading up to today and then a 30% drop. My investments were NEVER reported as high as Quicken says they were leading up to today. Today's balance is accurate so why does quick say the previous 6 months are sooooooo much higher.

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  • kcsuttle
    kcsuttle Member ✭✭
    Forgot to mention this is Quicken Device 2019 for Mac. 5.11.1 Build 511.25673.100
  • Quicken_Tyka
    Quicken_Tyka Moderator mod
    Hello Kcsuttle,

    Sorry, you have yet to receive a response.

    I have a few questions.

    Where is your Quicken Data file Stored?

    You can find this information by holding the 'Control' key and selecting the file name along the top.

    You should see a list shown below, this is the path to the file.

    Do you by chance sync to the mobile app?

    In regards to the balance in your 401k account, where are you seeing this balance increase?

    What are the dates for this increase? 

    What transactions took place in the account during this time period?

    Let me know!

    -Quicken Tyka
  • kcsuttle
    kcsuttle Member ✭✭
    Well the 30% drop has been corrected by applying the latest Quicken update (which claims to fix Fidelity problems), but now the balance reported in Quicken is 30% higher than the actual balance of the account. WTH?

    I do have the mobile app installed but haven't used it in at least 2 months.

    I can't tell you when the increase happened because from the portfolio chart all I could visually see is the drop. There was no bump up...just a giant bump down. When I click on the account under the "Investment" heading I see the value and a chart. The chart had a huge drop prior to the Quicken update, but now Quicken reports a market value 30% HIGHER than my actual account and supposedly gives me a chart to match.

    All I can really tell you is that when I go to my investment account web site, the value of my account is 30% BELOW what Quicken reports. I am not sure if you work for Quicken or not Tyka, but its painful when you're trying to trust software to report finances correctly and it is completely off the mark.

  • kcsuttle
    kcsuttle Member ✭✭
    I just deleted and re-added the account. Now the balance is correct, but I'm missing ALL transactions prior to May 2019.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Kevin, have you tried clicking on the Transactions tab to look at your Fidelity account register rather than just the chart on the portfolio screen? Scroll through to where the big change occurs, and see what transaction(s) is (are) there. 
    Quicken Mac Subscription • Quicken user since 1993
  • kcsuttle
    kcsuttle Member ✭✭
    For investment account, it just shows the stream of investments/re-investments. Since my account is a managed account this changes on a regular basis. It it looks as if the starting balance from January was somehow altered. With 401k investments accounts there is no "Open Balance" so Im not sure where Quicken is getting this from. However....since the underlying data from Quicken is incorrect I can't tell you when or how it changed. Its as if one day it decided the opening balance was 30% higher and all transactions after that calculated market value based on the opening balance.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I'm not understanding your reply. There is no "underlying data" that you can't see in your transaction register. Do you have a brokerage statement for any of your accounts, say as of the end of last year? Compare the number of shares and the price of the shares in Quicken versus your statement.
    Quicken Mac Subscription • Quicken user since 1993
  • kcsuttle
    kcsuttle Member ✭✭
    Unless I'm missing something, Quicken for Mac, doesn't show a starting balance. Individual transactions match my financial institution.

    The fact that the latest Quicken update (5.11.1) specifically said it addressed issues with Fidelity downloads and now my situation is worse, I think this is a Quicken issue.

    5.11.1 Fixes

    IMPROVED - Improved download reliability for Fidelity Investments.

    Maybe I'm not explaining this correctly. It just shows individual transactions and market value. Individual transactions match my financial institution. But then on July 15 when I had Quicken download recent transactions, historical market value from the time I installed Quicken suddenly jumped by 30% from Jan-July 14...then on July 15 it dropped 30% to match my factual market value. Then on July 27 when I had Quicken download transactions again, historical market value from Jan-July 27 reported as 30% higher than factual market value/account balance.

    I can't attach images here, but imagine Quicken showed your market value was $300,000 for April, May, June and showed that way in Quicken. Then tomorrow you downloaded transactions and April, May, June reported as $400,000 with July 1 showing as $300,000. That's what I was seeing. Then on July 27, it showed April, May, June as $300,000 and July as $400,000 when your financial institution says your market value is $300,000.
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