Duplicate Downloads

I am a Premier Windows subscriber and long-time user. I have never seen this problem.

Yesterday I successfully downloaded both credit card and brokerage cash accounts (brokerage cash is like a bank); however, I received over 2,000 old transactions beginning in Jan., 2018 when I downloaded 6 brokerage accounts from Morgan Stanley. None of the 2,000 old transactions "matched" the reconciled, existing transactions even though they are duplicates. I searched the community and found no method for bulk deletion of these old transactions and the instructions for dealing with bank accounts do not apply to transactions of securities, i.e., there is no "download identifier" in the register.

Today I backed-up the compromised data and restored from an earlier back-up and tried again. I got the same result--over 2,000 old transactions that I can't delete.

Does anyone have a solution?

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