How can I manually override shares and prices in a retirement account?

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I have funds in TIAA-CREF, but Quicken reports only about 75% of the market value (according to the TIAA-CREF website. Can I manually override the number of shares, the securities, and the present value per share in Quicken?

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  • Sherlock
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    We may manually override securities, shares and prices in any investment account.  For shares and securities, use the Added and Removed actions.  For prices, edit the security's price history.

    Perhaps the appropriate question is why aren't the TIAA-CREF funds being tracked correctly?
  • Aholiab
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    Why aren't they being tracked correctly? I do not know. I track everything else without a problem. I have called TIAA-CREF, but a web specialist and I are "playing" phone tag. Can't seem to call at the right time.
  • Jim_Harman
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    Multiple accounts? I have one for my contributions and one for the institutions match.

    TIAA Traditional? Reinvested income downloads incorrectly. 

    Brokerage window? Those holdings and transactions don't download at all.
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  • Aholiab
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    Multiple accounts? No; I thought about that. Salary is broken down to include my contributions which "magically" disappear and then magically reappear in my investment records. It's not ideal, but I still get what I need.
  • Aholiab
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    Thank you, Jim. This is helpful.
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