Who decides which investment companies Quicken can access on-line?

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Does my investment company have to do something to let Quicken access accounts or is it Quicken that has to do something- or both?


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    Each financial institution needs to sign an agreement with Quicken. In some cases, there is no cost involved; in some cases, there is a fee paid to Quicken (and/or Intuit, the former parent company of Quicken, which handles the actual connectivity). Quicken on its own cannot decide which financial institutions it connects to.
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    Jacobs' reply also applies, in it's entirety, to QWin.

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    AFAIK, the US or Canadian bank or brokerage should contact this group to start the ball rolling:

    Intuit OFX Connectivity Group (OCG)

    Go to FI.Intuit.com for more information.

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