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I have two Fidelity accounts that show the avg cost per share that are different from that downloaded from Fidelity. Is it possible to enter the avg cost per share in each account? if so how?


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    For my tax purposes, I need to use FIFO for tax calculations so average cost per share is not something I match. I'm most concerned that the tax lots in Q match the tax lots in Fidelity. Fidelity is robust in that you can drop down the tax lots right in the Portfolio/Positions interface.
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    You can Remove the holding in Quicken and Add it back in with a different cost basis, but that will interfere with Quicken's ability to calculate your cost basis and thus capital gans/losses on any sales going forward.

    It is best to compare the tax lots you have recorded in Quicken to those reported by Fidelity and correct any discrepancies. Perhaps at some point you told Quicken that you sold shares from different tax lots than what was recorded by Fidelity.
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    If you have verified that the individual transactions in the Quicken account match those at Fidelity, you could try the Rebuild Investing Lots option in the file validation and repair process.  If the cost basis is only off by a few cents, it may not be worth the effort to track it down. But some people will spend days tracking down a balance of a few cents in their check register.
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    Have you ever sold some of those fund shares?  if so, and if you didn't give Fidelity specific instructions as to what lot(s) to sell, Fidelity probably picked using the FIFO method.
    Unless you made the same selection, your Avg Cost is just about guaranteed to differ.

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