How to enter a foreign currency charge in credit card transactions (Mac)

In the Windows version one simply types one letter as a shortcut to a foreign currency, for example E for Euro, and the charge is automatically registered as a Euro amount along with a corresponding amount in the currency of the credit card account. I have been unable to do that with the Mac version, neither is there a list of currencies other than the three I have been using with the Windows version before I converted to the Mac. How can we add foreign currencies to the Mac version please?
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  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello J-C Bailly,

    Sorry, you haven't received a response.

    Unfortunately, Quicken for Mac doesn't offer full multi-currency conversion support.

    There is a lengthy Idea thread that can be voted on here-

    The only prompt to be able to enter a transaction from a different currency is to have an account with the currency set to Euro and create a transfer.

    To create a transfer, create a new transaction and type 'Transfer' and choose the credit card in question.

    You will then get this message that prompts to create a separate transaction and offer to perform the currency conversion and this will be entered into the credit card account.

    This is just a workaround, let me know if this is something that would work to get what you need.

    -Thank you!

    -Quicken Tyka

  • J-C Bailly
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    Thank you for your response, I will look at it, but most probably will remain with the Windows version until QM becomes multi-currency... which will then allow me to erase the Windows partition on my MacBook since I only keep it for Quicken!
  • J-C Bailly
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    I tried your suggestion and it obviously works (provided one does not forget to put a minus sign in the conversion box otherwise it comes as a credit) and there cannot be a category recorded for the expense, so for this reason, I cannot use it.
    Again many thanks for your kind help, I really need the multi-currency management as in the Windows version, I am surprised it does not get more support from the community, am I one of the rare users dealing with more than US Dollars in my expenses and investments??!
  • jacobs
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    @J-C Bailly Definitely not rare, but also not the vast majority. With Quicken Mac, it;'s all about prioritizing development resources. I suspect improved multi-currency support twill come in time -- we just have no idea where this fits midst many other feature needs.
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