Can Quicken remember your cost basis method and default each time you enter a sell?

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I'm using Quicken 2019 for Windows Version R20.15 Build, but this is an issue I've had in all prior versions I've used.

When downloading transactions from brokerage or investing accounts, every sell transaction requires multiple key strokes to confirm the cost basis method for each transaction and then Quicken takes at least nearly 10 seconds to "accept" each downloaded transaction.

I have thirteen different 529 plan accounts for my grandchildren that each have 6 different sells each month for very minimal monthly fees. It takes me at least 15 to 20 minutes just to download and accept all these transactions every month.

My question is "Is there a more efficient way to do this or automate this process?" I'm not changing the cost basis method each time, but Quicken asks me to confirm it EVERY TIME? I'd love an option that allows me to elect the cost basis method (i.e. First in First Out) for each account ONE TIME and then have Quicken automate this very tiresome process.

Am I just missing it?

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