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i'll begin by stating this is not a crisis. Tuesday-Saturday mornings (following the previous days market close) I download the prices of my various mutual funds and ETFs. The previous two days the quote has been $.9999. I go into "Price History" and edit the incorrect price ($.9999) and change it to $1. As I said, this is not a crisis but it's certainly annoying. So, my first question is: Am I doing something wrong? If the answer's "yes" tell me and I'll fix it. If this a problem on the Quicken end that's a perfectly acceptable answer as I'm sure someone will read this discussion and rectify the problem.


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    I suggest not downloading the price of fixed priced securities.
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    Is the $0.9999 coming from your brokerage, or from Quicken's servers?  Download transactions (from the FI) independent of Quotes Update (from Quicken's servers) to identify the source.
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    I agree with @Sherlock

    Despite what it says in the in-product Help,

    What if Quicken was unable to get prices for some of the securities I track?

    Possible causes:

    • You haven't entered a ticker symbol for the security or securities.
    • The ticker symbol is incorrect or has been changed.
    • You are trying to get the price for a money market security (Quicken can't update these securities). Look at the ticker symbol; if the symbol ends in XX, Quicken can't retrieve its price.


    Quicken sometimes downloads incorrect prices for money market funds. My most frequent problem is that it occasionally downloads a price of 0.00. 

    Because of this, I un-check "Download quotes" in the Security List for money market funds and that seems to fix the problem for me. Make sure the last entry in the price history is 1.00.

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    Also you can see what price was downloaded from your FI by going to Tools > Online Center, selecting the FI and the Holdings tab, and selecting the account.

    According to this article

    downloaded quotes over-ride prices downloaded from the FI.
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    :) Thank you all for your insights and help.
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