Showing performance for an account and not just active holdings

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When you make transactions, the reports only show the performance of the current holdings and not the actual performance of the account.

Example: Start with $100,000 and buy stock. Sell it at a loss of $5,000, now buy $95,000 in stock. The account shows the cost basis of the $95,000 transaction but not that the account has actually lost $5,000.

So what I'm looking for is a report/graph that shows the true performance of the account taking into account capital gains losses etc. ie Total dollars put into the account to the total current value.

Hope I described this correctly.



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  • jim@1
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    Thanks Tom.

    I think that will give me what I want
  • Jim_Harman
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    If you look at an Investing > Portfolio view and group by Accounts, the Average Annual Return (%) columns should produce the same results as the Investment Performance report.
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  • Tom Young
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    Yes, but only for the IRR, you're not going to see the ins and the outs.

  • Jim_Harman
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    @Tom Young,

    You are right, but I think the OP just asked for the account level performance.

    Another performance measure I have found useful, especially for periods of less than one year where the IRR often produces confusing results, is the ROI (%) columns in the Portfolio views. 
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  • q_lurker
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    @Tom Young, @Jim_Harman:  Based on my investigation (limited that it may be and using QW2017), I find the Account level Avg Ann Ret% values in the portfolio views are for the entire account, not just a summation (of sorts) using the current holdings. 

    Within the time frame limitations available for the portfolio view AARs, they would be what the OP is seeking.  That is not obvious unless you directly compare an Inv Perf Report against the portfolio view information.
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