My quicken backup location is on one note. I don't want anything on one note.

How can I change this. I backed up to my c: drive, restored the file. How can I get my datafile to be on my c: drive and not one one and my auto backup to go to c: drive and not one note

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  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Do you mean OneDrive and not OneNote?
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  • kathy q
    kathy q Member ✭✭
    sorry, seems my datafile keeps going to one note. I don't want to use one note at all and want my datafile to be on the c: I restored from a backup, but don't see where the data file is saved so must be saving on one note
  • NotACPA
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    In Q, there's 2 types of backups: Automatic (initiated by Q itself) and Manual (Initiated by you).
    The automatic backups will  ALWAYS go into a Backup folder, that's immediately below the folder where you Q data file is located.
    The location of the Manual backups can be controlled by you using the CHANGE button of the Backup dialog.

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  • kathy q
    kathy q Member ✭✭
    Greg, thanks for the quick response. I have been online with quicken chat for about two hours and got no where. I don't see quicken there. i have quicken files under C: Program files (x86) then a quicken folder that has a lot of files. I think I should see a qdf file on my c: but I think it might be only in onedrive
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Open Quicken --> File --> Show this file on my computer. A File Explorer windows will open with your Quicken data file highlighted.
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  • thecreator
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    Hi @""kathy q" ,

    See this FAQ:

    Add your information to a reply in this thread.

    Did you initially have anyone helping you set up Quicken on your computer?

    To state that the Quicken Data File / folder needs to be located on the C:\ partition where the operating system is located, is flat wrong. The Data File can be located on a separate partition, along with the Documents folder.

    Mine as seen from this operating system is located here: I:\My Documents\Quicken 2019 Data\ My Quicken Data File.

    My Manual Backups reside on my Mapped Hard Drive. The Folder is named Quicken Backup.

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