Transfers and Auto-Matching

1) Why can't I jump to the other end of a Transfer between Q accounts with a click on the Category field? I could do that in Q2007 for Mac. Is there a way?
2) Similar to a Closed Issue with 2017Q-Mac, I see a matched and cleared transfer in one account that is Unmatched in the other. Both accounts are Reconciled. The transaction with red pencil in acct #2 was created as Inflow in (Checking) account#1 by my initial bank-sync and edited to become a transfer from account#2. It didn't Auto-Match a bank-sync xaction in (Brokerage) account #2. I've clicked the red pencil and don't see a Match action pop up. I've clicked both transactions in Acct#2 and don't see a Match action pop up. I haven't created The transactions have common date, payee and amounts, and the issue recurred for each monthly transfer of the same amount. (I find it interesting that Scheduled Transfers show up in both Bills and Income lists. You would think these would be only one or the other.)

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