How do I restore Files that quicken can not open after clicking on View the use larger fonts

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HELP!!!! I was working on a very large 2019 budget file when I decided I wanted larger fonts. I clicked on View, then on use large fonts. The program change to only 2 tabs, "File and Help", with an error message that says it is unable to open the selected file. I tried to open a 2018 file and also got "Unable to open selected file". I then uninstalled Quicken and then reinstalled it. It would open my 2017 file, but not my 2018 or 2019 files. I have tried to super validate the files and they still will not open. Fortunately I have the 2018 files backed up. Alas, I have been updating the 2019 files for 6 hours today and did not close out or back up before trying to view/use large fonts. I have lost all my work and can only backup to several weeks ago. I have been on the chat line to no avail. Does anyone else have this problem or have a solution?

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