Cannot delete a transaction using help instructions?

I transferred investments from a brokerage account to a new one at same brokerage. When Q updated it deleted from first and added them to second thereby losing cost basis. I followd help instructions to delete those Remove/Add trnactions so I could use the transfer transaction BUT Q does not respond with a "delete" option for tranaction when I select it.

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  • Jim_Harman
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    Sometimes the Transaction list (register) is wider than your screen and you need to use the scroll bar at the bottom to see the delete key. Or you can right-click on the transaction and select Delete.
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  • DeepDiver
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    Thank you Jim I will try that. I did try an alternative to change the quantity of shares to zero for the transfer. However when I changed the transaction to transfer to other account it actually Removed and Added again rather than showing it as a transfer?, losing the cost basis. That is not what the "Help" said it would do.
  • DeepDiver
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    Seems the problem is I have to open the register for the brokerage account and select the tranaction there rather than the "help" instruction which results in opening the security detail which shows the trnactions but doesn't allow "delete". Howver the loss of the cost history is still the issue.
  • Tom Young
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    If you do a "Shares Transferred Between Accounts" action you absolutely do NOT lose cost basis information.  For each security Quicken does a "Removed" action in the "from" Account and then does an "Add" action for each and every lot of that security in the "To" Account.  The cost information and holding period carries over to the new Account. 
    All the "transaction" information for each security is still there in the "From" Account, available to you.
    If the account movement is simply within the same broker, you probably can simply deactivate the Account for downloading and then Re-activate that same Account for downloading, linking the new account at the brokerage to your old Account.
    Backup first, of course.
  • DeepDiver
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    Tom, thanks but...See this security view for a transferred stock WPM. Note cost has an * (not available). What you describe is exactly what should have happened.
    Looks like I'll just go in and add the missing cost basis manually.
    BTW, Schwab did the transfer, but Q did not treat them as transfers just deleted and added each. I hadto go back and edit the WPM to show as a transfer. But it didn't bring the cost data. Maybe if Q hadn't already done it as a del/add before I edited, it might have brought cost info, but why didn't Q show it as a transfer in the first place?
    See next for Sprott which I haven't touched. It shows removal and the cost basis, $24254 but the detail on the side panel doesn't show cost. In the Investing view all the stocks show 0 cost.
    Just FYI.
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