Investment accounts not downloaded correctly and can't edit them

I've ignored your investment tracking since you shifted to a web product. I just connected to my retirement fund provider. It seemed to create the individual investments ok, but hid one of them. In addition, more than half have zero balance.

Then, when I try to update them the only appropriate action seems to be AdjShBal. when that popup shows, I can enter the shares in the field, but it seems to want a security name without allowing me to enter one. Considering the account it an individual fund, there's no security so it shouldn't be needed. Worse, when I save it won't save and the share balance remains zero.

Doe your investment section work? If so, how?


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    Quicken is NOT a "web product".  It's a desktop product that has a web accessory ... but the online portion is entirely optional.

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    Please keep in mind that on this forum you are speaking to other users and not to Quicken Inc.

    Accounts in Quicken can be set up as normal brokerage accounts which can hold multiple securities or as limited "Single mutual fund" accounts, which can only hold one mutual fund. It sounds like you may have done this. Select the account, click on the gear at the top right, and select "Edit Account Details". Does it show a "Single Mutual Fund" option with Yes selected?

    Generally the best way to enter investing transactions is to click on the Enter Transactions button at the top left of the account screen rather than entering them directly in the transaction list (register).  
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    Jim, they do show as individual accounts. However, I didn't create them, this was me giving my account information for my investment company, Quicken going out, and Quicken importing all the information. I would have thought it would know that all the accounts from the same place wouldn't be individual.

    Would you suggest the best way is to delete all and have Quicken setup once again, or for me to manually link them somehow?

  • Jim_Harman
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    If you go to the investment company's website, does each fund show as a different account with its own account number, or are they grouped together? Some companies force you to set up SMF accounts when downloading, but in general it is better to set up one regular brokerage account instead.

    If you don't mind sharing the company, others may know if it is one that requires SMF accounts.
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