Including Savings Goals For Projected Balances?

Is there a way to include savings goals estimated required monthly contributions in the projected balances in Quicken? I've setup a series of savings goals to cover things like annual expenses (save a bit each month for those expenses). I would like to include these as part of the Projected Balances.



  • NotACPA
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    Your request is contradictory to how Savings Goals work.  The monies in a Savings Goal ONLY appear during a reconciliation.
    If they appeared in Projected Balances, there would be the temptation to spend them rather than keep this "hidden"

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  • A1MB1G
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    @NotACPA Not sure I follow your logic. By showing my contributions in projected balances, it ensures that they are accounted for so that I’m actually not spending money I don’t have.

    For example, if I have a savings goal of $4,000 per month to cover my semi annual tax instalments, I would want that monthly savings goal factored into my projected chequing account balances so that I don’t think I have more money than I do. I wouldn’t be including the savings goal accounts in my projected balances report.
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