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Can you budget for half a month?


I've searched for this all over and can't find it - I get paid twice a month, so I budget by 1st half and second half of the month, currently in a spreadsheet.

I have my first half of the month bills, first half income and first half discretionary funds all allocated in my spreadsheet. Then, on the 15th, I add in the 2nd half bills, refill discretionary categories, and add in my income for second half.

I really don't like budgeting for the whole month at once, especially since I don't get paid all at once, and don't know at the start of the month what all my income and expenses will be.

Can Quicken let me setup the budget for 1st half/2nd half? I couldn't figure out how to do this, but it would be nice to ditch my spreadsheet and do everything in Quicken...

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  • Thanks for the answer, that’s what I figured, but was hoping I was wrong!!

    I’m surprised this isn’t more common, I would’ve thought more people would budget like I do, but I guess I’ve always been different! ;-). I’ll stick with my spreadsheet.
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