Price day change not updating for 2 securities

2019 v.R21.17 Build After downloading quotes, 2 securities do not show Price Day Change. All other securities display the correct info. NMCO added today, NZF has been in portfolio since April this year. NZF displayed correctly in QW27.1.18.15 but has not since that version. If I right click on either symbol, click add to watch list both will then show the Price Day Change. Both are on the watch list already and download quotes is selected. It is just an annoyance. I have a work around but it worked fine in earlier version so something is not right in the newer versions.


  • Jim_Harman
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    I think Quicken's display is not being updated properly.

    Try changing the As of date to one day earlier and then back. Does that cause it to display properly? Please post back and let us know.
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  • Resetting the date shows the price day change but as soon as I download the quotes again it goes right back to an empty Day Price Change field for those two securities. All other securities display all of the info.
  • What doesn't make sense is the two securities that were added most recently are the ones that don't display correctly. NZF was added in April and displayed correctly until the next Quicken update. Day Price Change has not displayed for that security since that 1st update. NMCO was added 2 days ago and has never displayed correctly unless I right click on any other security in the portfolio and then click on add to watch list. That populates the Day Price Change field for both securities. All other securities (5) have been in the portfolio for at least 2 years and never a problem.
  • Jim_Harman
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    Yes it's weird. For some reason this problem is inconsistent and appears to mostly affect recently added securities. I think it has to do with whatever in Quicken triggers a recalculation/update of the Portfolio view. After you get it to display correctly, the problem will return if you exit and restart Quicken.

    As of July there is an open ticket with Development to address this issue but no ETA for a fix.
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  • Don't even have to restart Quicken for the problem to reappear. Just downloading quotes again causes the problem.
  • PeterN
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    Same problem. BA (Boeing) always shows zero for Price Day Change %. Other stocks are OK. This has been going on for months. QUICKEN SUPPORT: This has been reported by several other users. PLEASE fix this.

    [Quicken Premier 2019 R22.17]
  • UKR
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    Please go into Tools / Security List and show us the two security entries in question.

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  • Jim_Harman
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    If you change the As of date to the previous day then return to today, does the Price Day change display properly? If so, this is a known problem that allegedly being worked on by Development.
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  • IceHouse
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    I received an update yesterday. R35.26 This bug is still not fixed. Is there a schedule for the fix?
  • Jim_Harman
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    Quicken never announces a schedule for fixes. Because this issue does not affect all users and has a pretty simple work-around, I suspect it has a rather low priority.

    It is still annoying though
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