Recording a transfer back into the same account


About a month ago, I started to receive the above message when trying to record a transaction in my register. I am trying to record a transfer from savings to checking. When I say no, the transaction deletes itself. If I say yes, the transaction duplicates itself throwing off my balances. Both accounts are with the same bank and checking is account 2 and savings is account 1. Suggestions or thoughts?


  • NotACPA
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    To transfer money from your savings to checking, in Q, you input a transaction into your savings account that has, as it's Category, the name of your checking account surrounded by Square Brackets. E.G. [Checking account name].
    It sounds like you're inputting the transaction into the savings account with the name of the savings account in the category field.
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    How about a screenshot of the double transactions, I have never seen it happen.
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    @NotACPA, I do not think that is how I used to do it, but will give it a try the next time I need to move funds around. Thanks!
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