can't locate the file on dropbox

new computer; backup dead. quicken file was on dropbox but can't find 2019 files - only old backups


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    mac air, quicken 2018 (online version)
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    There is NO "online version" of any Q product.  There's the Q Mobile App and the Q Web App ... but they are both "companion apps" to the desktop product and FAR from being a substitute for the desktop.
    SO, what Q product are you running on your desktop? What BUILD of Q? Do QUICKEN, About Quicken for this info.

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    The default location for a Quicken Mac file is in your User Library (which you get to in the Finder by holding down the Option key and selecting Library from the Go menu); then it's inside the Application Support folder, and inside that, inside the Quicken folder, and inside that, in the Documents folder, with backups in the Backups folder.

    I have no idea how the location of such files is stored on your Dropbox account. Hopefully you were just storing backups on Dropbox, not the live data file. (Storing the live data file on Dropbox, iCloud or any cloud storage service is not supported and may result in becoming locked out of your file.)
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