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I have a case that Quicken escalation has been working on for 4-6 months....Vanguard Fund Shares to Admiral. The issue has been noted on the internet for several years. The current issue is that the cost basis is severely skewed during the conversion. My son experienced exactly the same problem. Both of us have been users beginning in 1992. Quicken pushed most of the responsibility to Vanguard. Thus I ran a test file with 18-months of downloads from Vanguard.....NO errors. Also, if making the conversion manual; future Vanguard downloads are read by Quicken as the old vs. new share name.


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    This is what I did a long time ago.  Don't know if my notes are still applicable.

    To switch to Vanguard Admiral (I have several) you should use Corporate Acquisition (or the new Mutual Fund Conversion) and you have to manually calculate how many new shares you got for each ONE old share. Took me 3 times to notice that part.  So you may have to do some dividing on paper first. Don't worry if the price per share comes out fractionally different. Just be sure the # of shares and cost is accurate. Most of my conversions to Admiral were for all the same # of shares.  So I just changed the name and symbol.  One fund was so close I just did an adjustment and removed .176 shares.  I had 536.743 shares before and they converted in only 536.567 shares.

    If you have it set up as a Single Mutual Fund (SMF) you need to edit the account and change it to No. 

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    Is the old security set to "Use Average Cost" in the security details?

    If so, you are experiencing the problem described here 
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    @jshayes01 You also need to identify what Quicken you are using - the latest subscription version, or something earlier.
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    Quicken 2019 Version: R:22.17
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