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Hi, I am a happy Quicken user of DeLuxe version. I have just purchased a new iPad. The US Apple App does not permit me to download a copy to the UK. The App is not available in the UK Store. Any suggestions or help available to me in the UK? Michael Davies. [email removed]

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  • mcadavies
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    Thanks Dan for your quick response. I am very happy with DeLux on my PC. I had thought there was a small (?free) App to run on my iPad/mobile. I always synchronise using my UK Bank sites - so never download any data. I can see that Quicken (?full versions) are available on line and eBay. But no Mobile Apps?
    Am I correct - Michael
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    You will not be able to use any iPad app to interface with Quicken. There are no current versions outside of North America and I would say there is a 99.999% chance there ever will be. Quicken Inc. is in contraction, not expansion mode. If you are happy with your version of DeLux, then stick with it. There will be nothing to gain trying to upgrade.
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  • mcadavies
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    Thank you for your reply. Not quite the same as the Quuicken helper gave me! Michael
  • Thank you! But I do not connect to US/Canadian banks - I just use quicken de luxe to view my. UK accounts.
    I had thought / hoped that I could use my new iPad to watch my bank accounts not directly but just to compare entries.
    I had hoped that I would be able to download the app from the store - but it seems that it is not possible. Quicken apps cannot be downloaded to Europe! Unless anyone in the community is willing and able to copy a free version to me! thanks Michael
  • chitownhockey
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    Also, one other thing that hasn't been brought must have a current supported Quicken product to use the iPhone or iPad or Web apps.

    Therefore, the only products supported for those are Quicken 2017 (until April 30, 2020...and in an abbreviated app form...not all account types in Quicken will download) and the current Quicken subscription product...with a current paid active subscription, of course.

    "Sunsetted" Quicken versions do not connect and sync to any of the mobile or web apps. So in the UK, if you have an unsupported version, you'd be out of luck anyways.  
  • Thanks - I have and use quicken deluxe (updated version ) on my Apple pc using Parallels and mainly w10 applications!
    Thanks Michael
  • chitownhockey
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    Since there really is no UK version of Quicken (at least in recent history), some UK Quicken users are using older unsupported versions of Quicken because they can't download transactions anyways.

    It was those users that I was directing my FYI above.  
  • Thanks but cannot see the vote or blue banner- to record my support!
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    The blue banner is located under the first post on page one.
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