All Shares Sold, why is there still a unrealized gain amount? [edited]

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If I sold a stock 4/1/2016 (all shares) for a realized gain/loss, why would it still show an amount for unrealized gain 4/4/2016?


  • Jim_Harman
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    If you click on Holdings, does the account show that you still hold shares as of 4/4/16 even though you sold them all on 4/1? Check your account to make sure there is not a hidden Placeholder that is affecting it.

    Go to Edit > Preferences > Investing Transactions and make sure Show hidden Placeholders is checked.

    Look for and resolve any placeholders in the account for this security after the sale date.
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  • MCramer
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    I'm with you. I thought of that and cannot find any. However, I'll dig deeper and recheck. I kept thinking, Quicken must "think" there are shares somewhere, which means I've missed something with the holdings. But, initially, I was not seeing anything. Again, I'll dig deeper.
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    For that very last transaction in the particular security, did you Sell a particular number of shares ... or use the "Sell All" option?
    You can go back and edit that Sell transaction and that might remedy the issue.
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  • Scooterlam
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    Could there be fractional shares still being reported in Quicken even though you sold all shares in your investment account?  That is, your FI sold whole shares on 04/01 and left fractional shares in your account after settlement on 04/04.   The FI would then liquidate fractional shares some weeks later, but for some reason, Quicken did not reconcile the later sale of the fractional part.  (my experience anyway).
  • MCramer
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    Sorry for the delay. One "quick fix" above was to go back and make certain "sell all," which was correct. And, replying about the fraction of shares, if they are in there, I'm not finding them anywhere. This just has me perplexed.
  • q_lurker
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    "I kept thinking, Quicken must "think" there are shares somewhere, "

    You are thinking more that Quicken is.  Quicken can have (though it shouldn't) a security with cost basis and occasionally market value with share count being 0.  

    What is the magnitude of the remaining unrealized gains -- pennies or big values?

    What other types of transactions are involved for this security -- RtrnCap, reinvestments, other?

    Is this a security you have traded in and out of?  Have you sold partial lots at various times?  

    Has this been the case since April, 2016 and you just discovered it (possibly since a program upgrade?), or something nagging on you for a few years?

    The way I would be attacking this might involve deleting and re-entering buys and sells up to that date closely monitoring cost basis and capital gains.    

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