My 401k account displays a market value that includes my holdings value plus a cash balance.

What is the cash balance and where is it coming from? My company 401k account never indicates that I have an additional cash balance value. The holdings value displayed in Quicken agrees with my 401k statement.

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  • NotACPA
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    Are you making payroll deposits into that 401k?  Are you using those deposits to record BUY transactions in the account?
    Are you downloading into the account?  What is the 401k provider downloading (what transactions), if any?
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  • lhudgins
    lhudgins Member ✭✭
    No, I'm retired and no longer making any contributions to my 401k. I have no clue what the cash balance value is. My company 401k account shows no cash value only the total holdings value.
  • jacobs
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    @lhudgins Are you looking at the transaction register -- not the portfolio view, but the transactions view -- for this account in Quicken? You should be seeing the individual transaction(s) that are contributing to the cash balance.  Did this just start happening, or does it go back in time? 
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  • lhudgins
    lhudgins Member ✭✭
    I'm looking at the portfolio view. It shows each of my holdings balances and a cash balance. Under cash balance it says "401k : Available Cash". The holdings balances are correct. I have no idea where the Available Cash balance is coming from or what it means.
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