Starting a CD account with a maturity date - how?

I have, over the years tried to start an account for my one CD and to date, have not yet been successful. There is no "CD" choice although there is one for IRA's. There are Quicken Help screens that tell me how to do that:

Select "Investing" > "Security List" from the toolbar. Then select "New" in the dialogue box. Enter a name for the CD. If you have more than one CD, and want to easily differentiate your accounts in Quicken, name the accounts using the bank name and account number. When account numbers are lengthy, use the last four digits, only, when naming. Alternative method: use the CD's maturity date in the name. If only one CD matures on a specific date, this form of naming will avoid confusion. Do not enter anything in the "Ticker Symbol" field.

Manually Add the CD
Select "Add Manually" in the next dialogue box and choose "CD" as the type of security. Select "Cash" as the asset class and enter the CD's maturity date. Although CDs incur penalties when cashed out prior to their maturity dates, they are still considered liquid, or cash, investments. The CD will now be included with your other securities under the "Investing" toolbar.

That first part that says "select Investing from the tool bar" and then select "Security List" and then "New" does not work that way. When I select the tab "Investing" there is no "Security List" option. If I go to the "Tools" menu at the far right of the screen, there is a "Security List" entry and if I choose that, I get a list of my securities. There is a "Add security" button at the bottom of that screen. If I click on that, I get a screen wanting the symbol but there's a "Click here" option if I want to name it something else. Clicking on that gives me a screen with the option to choose a ticker symbol, name, and security type. A CD is not one of the types listed.

If I were really stupid, I would go back to the beginning and choose the plus symbol in the main screen. Gee, I get a list of all the account types and although IRA's are listed, guess what is not. CD!!!!!

Have any of you all ever found a way to officially add a CD to Quicken? Almost everyone has a CD stashed away so why isn't it in the list to begin with? Please, someone who knows the answer, send help.

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    Set it up in an Investment type account, as if it were a bond.
    When setting the number of units of a CD (or bond) 1 unit = $1000.
    See Q Help for "Buying Bonds" for more info.
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