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I just tried to restore a back up file to a different computer and it won't do it. First it said that I am missing a file. Subsequently it just says "can't open file". I've tried to look into it and it appears that the file extension has to be "QDF backup". Is this true? All my back up files are just "QDF". There are also other files that it creates every time I have run a backup that have extensions of QTX, QPH and QEL. (I have always questioned what these are since their dates always show up as really old. But they are created with every new backup.) Anyway they can only be seen when looking directly at the contents of the external hard drive. They don't show up when in the restore window.

Anyone have any ideas?


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    This really depends on the version you are using. If fairly old, Q2013ish (and older) you will have 3 or 4 backup files. If current, there is only one. If current, what is the location of the backup? If on a cloud server, copy it to your HD, then restore.
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    The multi-file to single file happened with the transition from 2009 to 2010.
    Yes, to restore a file, it has to have the .QDF-backup extension, if it is a .QDF file (2010+), just open the file with File->Open Quicken File.
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    Hi @Crazymare ,

    See this FAQ:

    You are telling us your problem, without any information to give you a correct solution.

    Include the operating system or both computers and information for Quicken on both computers.
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