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I created a New Company File and a new icon appeared on my desktop. When I went back to my old company file all the information was gone. Help

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  • splasher
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    More info needed. 
    Which version of Quicken?  Help->About Quicken
    What type of "new icon"? 
    What is shown in the Windows properties?

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  • TooKaa
    TooKaa Member
    Thanks for your reply. I was able to restore Company 1 using backup files. So now I have two icons on my desktop named Company 1 and Company 2. Company 1 has 6 years worth of data just restored. Company 2 is newly created with no data. Can I operate these two independent companies without a problem? I'm used to operating in QuickBooks so setting up a second company in Quicken is new to me. Thank you.
  • thecreator
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    Hi @TooKaa ,

    See this FAQ:

    You have not given any information or Build information.

    Quicken Data Files are stored within Documents\Quicken folder, not on the Desktop of the User Account Desktop of the operating system.

    Quicken is not QuickBooks.

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  • TooKaa
    TooKaa Member
    I have 2 Quicken Icons on my desktop. Each Icon opens a different company. Is this the correct way to set up two different companies using Quicken.
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