How do I make Dividends and Interest Income appear in the "Bill and Income" window?

The help screen for "Memorized Investment Transactions" implies that regular Dividends and Interest Income can be Memorized to show in the "Bills and Income". I can't make it happen. What am I missing?


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    You can set up a Reminder for investing income received as cash (not reinvested). I agree it is not obvious how to do this. One way:
    -- Go to the investing account and click on Bill and Income Reminders at the bottom.
    -- Click on Add and Income reminder
    -- Enter anything for the Payee (you will be specifying the security later) and click on Next
    -- Enter the rest of the information, including the account
    -- When you select an investing account, specify interest or dividend and the name of the security

    With accounts that support downloading I do not find these reminders very useful if the amount varies each period - I normally just wait for the download.

    The Reminders do not affect the projected balances at the top of the Bills and Income tab because there is no way to include investing accounts there unless you have the account set up for a linked checking account. They do, however, feed the Tax Planner and thus help to estimate what your taxable income will be.

    To create reminders for more complex investing transactions, you need to Memorize the transaction and set up a Memorized Transaction Group.
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    Thank you for the response. I went through the steps you provided and it worked! However, as you said it ain't pretty. Seems like Quicken could provide a more efficient way to get Investment Interest and Dividend Income into the "Bills and Income" display. I understand the Reinvest world could be more than a little complex. But I'd be happy with just plain old interest and dividends being handled with minimal hassle.

    Thanks again for the help.
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    The "secret" to getting a dividend memorized when working through the "Tools" > "Manage Bill and Income Reminders" > "Add" > "Income Reminder" process is to click the down arrow next to the box labeled "Deposit" that shows up when you select an Investment Account as the "To Account" on the "Add Income Reminder" window.  When you do that "Dividend" is one of the available options and that, in turn, brings up a "Security" box.where you enter the name of the dividend payer.
    If you want to have future projections entered for income tax purposes, ("what does it look like my tax liability will be this year?"), and want the income attributable to dividends reinvested included, go ahead and schedule those dividends too.  When the reminder actually enters the transaction list (register) you can easily edit it to a reinvestment action.  The number of shares purchased and price are pure guesses at that point, but the income, presumably, doesn't change.
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    Looks to me like both methods get to the same end point - a popup window that allows you pick the investment name that is already in Quicken from a drop down list, dividend or interest, frequency etc., etc.

    Thanks for the alternative method it helped make it clearer what the Quicken is doing. Again, as I said above it sure would be nice it Quicken developers could make this work with less hassle. It is obvious that all the function to do it is in Quicken just not easily activated.
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