Entering complex investment transactions

Company X (0-shares previously owned by me) acquired Company Y (110-shares previously owned by me). As a result I received 110 shares in Company X plus $5,000. I no longer own any shares in Company X, now own 110 shares in Company Y and had $5,000 credited to my account. How do I enter this transaction into Quicken?


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    Which Q product are you running?  What Build of Q?  Do HELP, About Quicken for this info.
    And, if your Q product supports this, I'd create the Company X security in Q and then have Company Y issue a $5000 dividend followed by a Corporate Acquisition of Company Y by Company X.
    If you'd name the actual companies, we might be able to provide further help.
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  • Thank you - as requested: Using Quicken Premier (Build: My apologies as the above was misstated. Actual companies are Bristol Myers (Acquiring Company - had zero shares now have 110) and Celegne (Acquired Company - had 110 shares now have zero).
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