Downloaded transactions from Quicken Mobile doubled

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When I download Quicken Mobile transactions into Quicken, I edit them to the proper caztegories . Later on when I do a cross checking report, I notice that the transactiojn is there twice. This cvontinually happens and I don't kniow what I am doing to cause it?


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    Hello @Truman100

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue, although I apologize that you haven't received a response.

    If you are still needing help with receiving duplicate transactions please try resetting the cloud. 

    If you are seeing transactions in the Mobile App that are duplicates of existing ones, reset your cloud data:

    Step 1: Reset the cloud data through the desktop program

    1. Go to Edit Preferences Quicken ID, Mobile & Alerts.
    2. Click Reset your cloud data.

    Step 2: After resetting your cloud data 

    You'll need to sign out of the Mobile App and sign back in:

    1. Open the Quicken Mobile App.
    2. Tap the Menu icon Troubleshooting Issues with the Quicken Mobile App in the upper left.
    3. Tap the Logout button at the bottom of the screen. 
    4. Sign back in with the same Quicken ID.

    Let us know how it goes!
    -Quicken Tyka
    -Quicken Tyka
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