Downloads do not recognize symbol, so reports shares with the same starting letters incorrectly

For the past 2 months quicken one-step update claims that it does not match the stocks downloaded. However I have confirmed the symbols and amounts are correct for 2 statements and verbally with the broker. It shows that Quicken is missing "GLOBAL X FDS RBTCS ARTFL INTE" (BOTZ) is missing shares and "GLOBAL X Inetnet of Things ETF" (SNSR) has the same number of shares too many. This happens every one-step update. I removed BOTZ months ago and that transaction is recorded correctly.


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    Backup first.  Then, Please Edit the two securities. Is the “matched to online security” checked?  If so please clear them and do a one step update.  When you get the prompts to select securities be sure you select the correct ones.

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    Quicken relies on a unique value for a security used by the financial institution to identify the security in the data file.  Quicken refers to this field as the CUSIP ID.  When Quicken receives a CUSIP ID that it is not already bound to a security in Quicken, Quicken will prompt us to associate the security with a new security or a security that is not already assigned a CUSIP ID.  To clear the CUSIP ID assigned to a security, we may uncheck Matched with online security on the Edit Security Details window of the security and the next time Quicken processes an unbound CUSIP ID, the security should be available to be matched.  For publicly traded securities, the CUSIP ID should be the same as the CUSIP number.  
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    The only addenda that I have to Sherlock's reply is that CUSIP isn't just a Quicken term, it's the Securities Industry standard identification for a security.  CUSIP stands for "Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures".

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    I was thinking the same thing for other threads regarding weirdness with dup securities that have the same symbol - but act differently...
    Is there any way to view the Symbol vs associated CUSIP ?
    OOPS -- it's listed in the .... Tools --> Security List
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    I unchecked Matched with online security on the Edit Security Details window of the security for both stocks, did an update, and re-matched the correct one, and it did not complain about a mismatch of amounts this time. I will watch a couple of days of downloads to see if it returns, but it seems fixed. Thanks
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