All of sudden this month, Quicken advises me that I cannot backup my monthly reconcillation.

It also tells me I cannot do a regular backup. Where do I look to find out what is wrong and fix it? I am NOT literate with a computer. Thanks for any assistance.


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    E Hess ,

    It would be nice if you give additional information:

    If Windows 10, include the Build.

    For Windows, the only way to save the Monthly Report for Reconciliation, is to make a print out of it.
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    I'm not sure I follow - each of your separate points - need some more details -
    What version of Quicken - - Help --> About Quicken
    1 - What do you mean by "can not backup my monthly reconcilliation" ?
    2 - And what do you mean by "can not do a regular backup" ?

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    "backing up a reconciliation" makes no sense.  In Q, you backup a data file.
    EXACTLY what steps were you taking that you thought accomplished this.
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