How do I open an earlier-date backup of an account without over-riding the current account

I have been recording the total weekly balance of a particular account on a separate spread sheet. I now find that the weekly balance, as recorded in Quicken, is much higher than the balance I have recorded on the spread-sheet. Because the spread-sheet only shows the total for the account and not the sums for the individual files within it, I'm not able to work out where the discrepancy has arisen (as a first step to understanding why this apparent error has occurred. Consequently, I want to restore from the backup the version of this file (the total of which is recorded on the spread-sheet) for a particular date so that I can compare it to the current record in Quicken, to understand where the difference between them (past and present) has arisen.

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    What does this have to do with your chosen topic area, "Quicken on the Web"?
    BECAUSE the web file is NOT a backup. It contains only a small subset of your Q data file.
    SO, do you have legitimate backups, that hopefully you've saved to a USB drive of other external media?
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  • I couldn't find a suitable topic category. Can you suggest one. My backups are all on a separate file on my computer. I'm not a sophisticated user of the Quicken community and I find the whole process more than daunting.

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