How to print off a past-date account backup to compare it to the current account's record

I have been recording the total weekly balance of a particular account on a separate spread sheet. I now find that the weekly balance, as recorded in Quicken, is much higher than the balance I have recorded on the spread-sheet. Because the spread-sheet only shows the total for the account and not the sums for the individual files within it, I'm not able to work out where the discrepancy has arisen (as a first step to understanding why this apparent error has occurred. Consequently, I want to restore from the backup the version of this file (the total of which is recorded on the spread-sheet) for a particular date so that I can compare it to the current record in Quicken, to understand where the difference between them (past and present) has arisen.

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  • Tom Young
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    I'm not really following what you're doing here but if you want to restore a prior period backup file for comparison, I'd suggest going to where the file lives on your hard drive, renaming it something different than your "live" file, and then restoring the backup.  You can then print out information from the restored file, switch to your live file, and compare the two.  Having a different name for the restored file minimizes confusion.
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