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The "Specify Lots Sold in This Transaction" is inaccurate. For a sale of mutual funds shares, I entered the number of shares to sell and then clicked on "Specify Lots". On the "Specify Lots Sold in This Transaction" pop-up, I entered the "Shares to Sell" for about forty (40) separate purchases, which had been previously planned, in all purchases selling all the available shares for that purchase date. When I finished the entries, the "Remaining to Select" field at the bottom was not zero: -0.164. So I manually copied the values that I had entered into the "Shares to Sell" field into a spreadsheet, and the values summed to the value in the "Total Shares to Sell" field at the bottom of the pop-up. That is, this verifies that the values that I entered totaled to the value of "Total Shares to Sell", so the "Remaining to Select" should have been 0.00.

Please review the code for this function.

Thank you.

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  • Jim_Harman
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    I suspect something is amiss with your data.

    First back up your data in case something goes wrong in the steps that follow, then:

    -- Find and resolve any Placeholders that may be affecting this security. These are hidden by default. Go to Edit > Preferences > Investment transactions [edit - corrected location of the option] and check the "Show hidden transactions" box if it is not already.

    -- If that doesn't fix it, go to File > File operations > Validate and repair. Run this first with the Validate File option and if the problem persists try the Rebuild investing lots option.

    Please post back with your results.
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  • Howard1
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    Thank you for your suggestion. Small problem: Please see attached screen capture. In the Edit > Preferences > Downloaded transactions pop-up, there is no option for "Show hidden transactions". Perhaps it is somewhere else.
  • Howard1
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    Thank you for your suggestions. The "Show hidden transactions" was already checked. I tried entering the values again and the total came out right this time. I did check the numbers last time, so I think they were right. Perhaps one of the numbers did not enter when I wrote it. Anyway, all is well now.
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