I cannot get my Quicken Deluxe to show unrealized capital gains in reports. Why not?

I cannot get my Quicken Deluxe to show unrealized capital gains in reports even though I check that box. Any ideas why not?


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    More info needed.
    What Q product are you running?  What BUILD of Q? What country?  Do HELP, About Quicken for this info.
    What report(s) are you talking about?  Please provide the step-by-step instructions on how you create this report (pick any one as an example).
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  • I am running the 2020 Deluxe download on a PC. The version is R23.18 and the build is

    For example, if I try to run a budget report, go to customize and check the unrealized gain box, no line or entry appears for unrealized capital gains.

    In fact, no report that I can generate included an entry for unrealized capital gains even if the box is checked.
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    Try the Net Worth & Balances > Net Worth report, or the Investing > Investment Transactions report.  I see unrealized gains in both of those reports.

    The budget report only includes includes categories (including unrelaized gains) that you have selected for your budget on the Planning > Budgets page.
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  • I was having the same trouble. The Net Worth report/graph in the Main View would only include cash additions/subtractions. Any reinvested dividends or increase in value due to increases in share values were not reflected. This was regardless of any report customizations attempted. I wound up removing the Net Worth item from the Main View and re-adding it. Problem solved - at least for now.
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    By Main View do you mean the Home tab or something else? 

    @Dennis Goldstein

    In order to see unrealized gains both the "include unrealized gains" box on the Advanced tab and the UnrlzdGains box on the Categories tab in the report customization must be checked 
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  • I have checked all these boxes and I now have a line entry for
    Unrealized Gain/Loss in my YTD budget report . But the entry is -0.00-.
    However, when I double-click on the -0.00-, it does bring up the unrealized
    gain. Do you know how to correct this last (and more minor) problem?
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    Try Reports > Investing > Investing Activity.  

    There, you can see all your unrealized gains YTD broken down by quarter...along with other useful Investment info.

    I've saved the report and put it on my Toolbar and refer to it almost daily.  
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    @Dennis Goldstein the issue you describe with your budget report indicates that you have not gone to the Planning > Budgets page, clicked on Manage Budget Categories, clicked Show hidden categories, and included _UnrlzdGain in your budget and/or in the Budget report on the Advanced customization tab, selected Include all next to Categories. You also need to include your investing accounts in your budget for the unrealized gains to show.
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  • I did all of this (all was okay except the "show hidden categories" checkmark), but the unrealiized gains entry line continues to show 0.00. Interestingly enough the overall income number now appears to include unrealized gains in the number even though the line entry is 0.00.
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    I see that the Current Budget report does not show a top level total for unrealized gains even if you select that category and your investing accounts to include in your budget. As you have observed, it does show the gains if you click on the Actual number.

    That leaves open the question of why you want to include unrealized gains in your budget. It is quite a stretch to think of them as income. As has been noted earlier, you can see these gains in the Net Worth report.
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  • I really wasn't looking to include unrealized gain in income. I was just looking for the program to quantify the unrealized gain YTD which I wanted for other purposes but couldn't get at in Quicken. I chose the Budget Report only as an example.

    After making the adjustments I can now get that number in an Investment Income YTD so that really solves my problem,

    Thank you very much for your assistance. I appreciate your help. Have a Happy New Year.
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