Running Quicken Subscription (2020) for Windows on Mac Virtual Machine

Can anyone comment on their experience running Quicken Subscription for Windows on a Mac virtual machine? I have always used PC, but mine is about to die and I just got a Mac. I use Quicken Home & Business edition and this is not currently available for Mac.

If possible, can you share how to install a virtual machine? I have heard of it but have never done it myself. TIA!

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  • tjloft
    tjloft Member
    I run VmWare Fusion 11.5 on my iMac and run Quicken Subscription (and other PC software) on a Windows 10 virtual machine. I run both Mac and Windows simultaneously and I highly recommend it.

    As noted above, there are costs involved since your Windows license is probably tied to the hardware on which it was purchased and is not transferable to your Mac. A Windows license and VmWare Fusion ($80) both require purchase.

    I have not tried Parallels so can't compare. Boot Camp isn't a useful option since it requires restart when switching OS. vbox is probably best left to technically savvy users familiar with open source software.

    I always recommend a clean install and moving data over from old PC and not inheriting problems from your old PC.

    Make sure you have plenty of RAM and disk space to run both "computers" simultaneously.
  • chimikuina
    chimikuina Member ✭✭
    I appreciate all your input. Will definitely consult a friend who is a bit more techy than I am in order to get it all operational.

    @tjloft how much RAM do you think would be necessary to run both "computers" simultaneously?
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