One checking account won't open, all other accounts work fine

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I'm having trouble with my main checking account. It refuses to open. All other accounts work fine. The file opens and all the accounts are displayed on the left. When I select my main checking account I get a continuous spinning circle and it won't open. Any ideas other than going back to a previous backup and re-entering all the data a second time?



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  • NotACPA
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    My first guess is that you've got a corrupted Q data file, Perhaps severely..
    SO, take a  backup and then do FILE, File Operations, Validate and Repair.
    Make sure that "Validate File" and "Rebuild Investing Lots" (if present) are checked before you click OK.

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  • A.BusDrvr
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    Thanks for the input. I forgot about the validate and repair functions. However, it didn't seem to help. The file was validated and repaired but the results are the same. If I select my main checking account it will not open, just the continuous circle, which sucks because of all the data I have in that account. I have backups so retrieving the data is possible, but not user friendly. I guess I'll have to start a new main checking account and reconstruct the last month.
  • A.BusDrvr
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    Of course it wasn't as easy as I thought....

    I was willing to simply delete my main checking account and start over, but that option wasn't available since there were downloaded transactions that hadn't been reconciled. I would up restoring a backup from a month ago then downloaded all the transactions for my main checking account. Once that was reconciled and it seemed to be stable I downloaded all the data for my other accounts. A lot of work unfortunately.
  • A.BusDrvr
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    I saw the super validate instructions but apparently I didn't do it correctly as I never saw the confirmation. It's all good now since I restored a backup and downloaded the data. I'll keep the super validate on my list for next time.

    Thanks for the help.

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