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I have been using Premier for many years since the cost difference was small. Now, due to this new subscription model, I am considering deluxe.
The official comparison chart doesn't seem very exhaustive. I would like to know more details about what I would lose.
I have gathered that x-ray, bill pay, and some similar features are not available. As well as the schedule D reports (I might miss those a little bit). For stock/funds cost basis - I definitely need to be able to see that somehow -- that would be a "show stopper" for me.
What if I have a memorized report that requires Premier?
I also believe that switch between Deluxe and Premier doesn't harm any data but I would like Quicken to say that more clearly.
And what about all the features in the investment menu? Can I still use those in deluxe? I have created customized views for investments. Like ones for retirement vs shorter term investments.
I am leaning toward Deluxe at the moment and hope I can upgrade easily if I hate the limitations.
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    I use Deluxe - and get all my required & downloaded info for stocks & mutual funds.
    I don't really use any of the Investment reports, so not sure what might go away..
    The Tax Planner (in Deluxe) has all the info and related schedule info.
    And I don't use Quicken to import into TurboTax for any financial info, I just use TTax directly and their menus to import the 1099 info from the various FI locations.
    Also - I happen to bank with Chase - and use their online website for Bill Paying.  As it turns out, I can use Quicken to interface with Chase for bill payments, and not have to use the Quicken Bill Payment 3rd party proxy offered by Quicken...

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    Quicken Bill Pay works with Deluxe, it is just with Premier, the first 15 electronic transfer per month are free.

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    @ps56k - Thanks for your answer. It looks like I'll be able to downgrade from Premier to Deluxe, since I don't use most of the extra features in Premier. I'm retired, my only investments are IRAs & mutual funds. I do bill pay through my bank, not through Quicken.
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    JB said:I do bill pay through my bank, not through Quicken.
    BTW - depending upon your bank - for their online bill payment - you can try and see if Quicken will "connect" with them for sending bill payments from Quicken directly to your bank....  vs the external 3rd party Quicken Bill Pay uses ....
    What bank do you use ?
    I use CHASE for my Quicken Bill Payments - and it's free -

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