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I want to create a report where i can see a security's running share balance each of its transactions.

If I try Investment Transactions reports - I can't add a share balance column

If I look at register for an investment account it shows share balance on each transaction. But when I try to save it, share balance is left out. PLUS each share value for each transaction shows up as 0??

ARGHH. There's some way to do it, right?

(I'm still running Q2017 because after upgrading to Q2020 automatic update was hanging - seems to be a known problem. So I'm sticking to Q2017 while I still can)

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  • lliefveld
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    I'm trying to figure out how/where/when my 401K got out of alignment with Quicken. My balance in Quicken does not match my 401K website. I've checked each security, and the number of shares do not match. There are placeholder transactions, but they are from a long time ago, and when I did my One-Step Update, it did not create new placeholders to balance out the transactions. Rather than just enter some random transaction to balance out then number of shares, I'd like to see the number of shares by month or by quarter... something reasonable. But so far, I can only find a report that shows market value over time. Is there a way to find the number of shares over time?
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    @ps56k:  You can click the "Security" header to sort the transaction list by Security.  Then the Share balance column is easy to follow.
  • lliefveld
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    Thanks, everyone! The account in question does have multiple securities, and although I did realize I could go to the holdings window and keep changing the as-of date, I was looking for something that I didn't have to keep changing. I can't believe I overlooked sorting by security and THEN checking the number of shares at specific points in time (just like I do when any other account doesn't reconcile). This really feels like a 'duh' moment.
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    ps56k said:
    mshiggins said:
    The account register (aka investment transaction list) has a running total share count for each security.
    But that would be really hard - depending upon the "account" - if it had multiple securities all inside that single account.... like an IRA - 

    To each their own. I find it easy. 

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    q_lurker said:
    @ps56k:  You can click the "Security" header to sort the transaction list by Security.  Then the Share balance column is easy to follow.
    aahh - the things we learn - while browsing about problems we don't have :)

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