Zoom Capability on Quicken Mobile App Not Working

The release notes for the Quicken Mobile App 5.1.0 in September 2018 state “You can now enlarge and zoom in / zoom out on attachments.“ I’m on version 5.17.2 and this feature is not working. My work around is to screen shot the attachment and then zoom in my photos app, but this is a frustrating extra step. I’m using iPhone 11 Pro v13.3. Any guidance or update to a fix is greatly appreciated.


  • Quicken_TykaQuicken_Tyka Moderator ✭✭✭✭
    Hello @shan_nick

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue, although I apologize that you haven't received a response.

    I was able to recreate this issue on the mobile app as well, I am unable to use the zoom capability when using this feature.

    Please select the menu from the mobile app and choose "Feedback" to report this to our Mobile Development team.

    Thank you,
    -Quicken Tyka
    -Quicken Tyka
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