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QFW 2017 to QFM 2020 - Scheduled Transactions, Transferring $, Transaction Flags/Notes

Trying to migrate from QFW2017 to QFM2020. I have several "How does this work in QFM 2020?" questions I'd like to ask, for those who've perhaps been on this road before:

1. I had to set up manually a billing reminder in QFM 2020 for a Bill I pay every 3 years. I need to edit the Payment Method now, but I don’t see an obvious way to find this Billing Reminder. How do I find it so that I can edit it?
2. On the QFM 2020 "Home - Upcoming Bills and Income" window: How do I delete an entry there that was created when QFM found XX potential bills to be paid in my migration of the QFM 2017 file?
3. With QFW, there is a "Transfer money" function - click the Actions icon, move down to “Transfer Money”, click, and enter the Amount, Account From, Account To, viola. How do I do this with QFM 2020?
4. Add a Flag or Note to a Transaction - easy enough with QFW; how do I do this with QFM?


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