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i am going through the process of creating a year end copy. that part works,, but when I want to start a new year, all my 2019 transactions are still there. Spoke to some tech support guy who assured me that this is how it has always been and that I cannot start with 1/1/20, even though Year End Copy give me the option to start with 1/1/20. Any thoughts on how I can fix this so that I can have a fairly clean 2020?

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    Hi Olga,

    Not sure what the tech support person was saying - maybe he misunderstood what you were referring to.  As you correctly stated - you can create a year-end copy which then gives you the option to go forward with registers that do not contain prior year transactions - except for transactions that were not cleared prior to performing the year-end copy routine, and all investment transactions.

    In the new file (after you did the y/e copy process) how far back do the transactions go?  If transactions include everything for 2019, is it possible, as part of the year-end copy process, that you entered 1/1/2019 instead of 1/1/2020?

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